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Stuart had his first script broadcast by the BBC when he was 17. He is the founder of 'Project Our World'. He has been producing films in the region for 30 years. He is known for his can do attitude & is a specialist in location filming, including difficult & often hostile environments. 
Today he focuses on living a life of purpose, producing films that bring good to the region & challenging himself along the way. His clients will confirm that he is a uniquely dedicated,driven individual who always strives to deliver his absolute best.
Stuarts role is to put the right people in touch with the right skill sets and drive his clients business towards further success / creative acclaim.

Ivory Worldwide – New York - Stuart is an exceptional producer, he wrote, produced, directed and delivered exactly what we had in mind and the audience was absolutely blown away
Civil Defense Abu Dhabi GHQ Stuarts innovative ideas, unique management style, calm personality, team spirit were a  key factor to the success of our films - ‘connecting smart city initiatives’
ABB – Dubai - The work Stuart produced for us is admired and respected for its impact globally.


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