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Started out as an apprentice at Technicolour Laboratory in processing printing & film opticals, then moved into film editing & film post production.

I had the opportunity to become part of the production filming process working on feature films and television programmes for BBC, 20th century Fox, Paramount & MGM initially as a runner and rising to the role of production manager.

This led me to my true vocation Producer, I started a production company In Soho the Sinclair film company and produced many TV commercials for the UK market reaching the top ten production company register in 1992 winning many awards along the way Clios, Arrows, D&AD.

In 1997 I was part of a management team asked to set up the first commercially run film & video production & post production broadcast facility in Saudi Arabia, Dunia communications.

In 1999 I was asked to set up Phoenix film Dubai a full service production company with film & video shooting equipment and digital post production department, one of the first full service film production companies in the UAE.

In the last 20 years I have produced many memorable productions using the latest cutting edge techniques including the first 360 VR film to be shot inside a Boeing 777 with Nicole Kidman as the star.

As digital content & competitive budgets along with evolving techniques are the driving force for any producer these days, I have become very involved with virtual volume production through an association with VU technologies, real worlds in real time.

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